Garrett Ladd

Project Manager

EBI Consulting

The process guide has benefited me greatly. I use it on my wireless projects as a solid reminder of the project management activities that need to happen. I’m also using it to study for the pmp exam. What’s helped a ton is that the processes are laid out in a logical fashion which made it much much easier to understand how they all fit together. I’m also constantly referring to the definitions sheet and adding my own notes when I study. With this, Rita’s, and the exam simulator from pmprepcast I’m confident I’ll pass the exam on my first go around when I take it in September.

Barbara Kropacek-Hall, PMP



I already had my teams put our project risks, issues, decisions, and stakeholder lists in separate tabs in Excel, but using the pm pro took it to a whole 'nother level. The forms are have lots of details and helpful reminders on how to fill them out. It totally changed the way my team does our risk management workshops. It's super helpful to be able to do our risk identification, analysis, and determine a statistics based contingency reserve all in one workbook. Thank you!! - Barb

Edward Lyashenko

Project Manager ll


Wish we had this years ago. Before using one excel workbook to basically manage most my team's documents, our files were in what one of my construction managers would call "SharePoint hell". It was just a jumbled mess of documents with incorrect file naming conventions. Training my team on how to correctly access and upload files was always an ongoing issue. After we switched to using the consolidated forms for most of our project documents, it was like day and night simply because there's less documents to manage overall. The bonus is it’s also helping me study for my pmp certification because I’ve already got first-hand experience working with the documents the PMBOK describes.