The PM Pro Kit

Features and Functions

Consolidated Forms

  • The Consolidated Forms contain over 50 professional Project Management templates that are quickly and easily accessible from a directory page. The directory is categorized by knowledge area and process group

  • All Management plans, forms, and registers are compliant with the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition

    • Templates for all the Project Management Plans in every knowledge area

    • Templates for registers, forms, and documents

Complete customization to fit your project’s needs. Check boxes are located next to each document in the directory to indicate that document is being used for that project.

Templates can be hidden when not in use in a project by un-checking the adjacent box

All plans, forms, and registers can be edited/tailored to fit the needs of your project.

Need to add a template to the consolidated forms file? No problem!

You can add/remove sheets just like any other excel file.

You can customize the protection for each sheet so that only authorized users can make edits/changes.

You can add your new templates to the directory and build in your own hyperlinks.

Hundreds of Helpful Links

  • There are hundreds of hyperlinks throughout the templates that link documents to related documents, making the process of updating related forms a breeze. You also have the ability to add your own hyperlinks and relationships. The PM Pro Kit manual shows you how and much more.

  • Example: The Communications Management Plan (pictured below) has links to related documents like the Stakeholder Register, Stakeholder Plan, and Communications register.


List of Templates That Come Pre-Loaded and Ready To Use

Sample Forms and Tools

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Benefits of Using The Consolidated Forms To Manage Your Projects

Referencing important documents and providing key updates to forms and registers is a daily occurrence for Project Manager’s and teams.


Using the Consolidated Forms can make it more likely to successfully juggle the extraordinary number of files, forms, registers, and management plans that Project Manager’s and Project teams have to deal with on a daily basis. The following scenario illustrates that importance.


Let’s consider a scenario where a Project Team is conducting a risk workshop to identify risks to the project. Here are some of the inputs and outputs that can potentially go into this process:

Requirements management plan
Resource requirements
Schedule management plan
Cost management plan
Stakeholder register
Risk Register
Resource management plan
Quality management plan
Risk Report
Scope baseline.
Risk management plan
Assumption Log
Cost baseline
Schedule baseline
Issue Log
Cost estimates
Assumption log
Lessons Learned Register
Issue log
Duration estimates
Requirements documentation
Lessons learned register

There are over 15 inputs and 5 outputs which are separate documents listed for the Identify Risk Process. That's a TON of doucments to consider when going about identifying risk in a project.  Since the team isn’t using the consolidated forms in this scenario, the documents are spread across the company intranet, shared folder, or some other document repository.

If the team wanted to do a thorough job in identifying risks, they would have to painstakingly locate, open, and then analyze all these separate documents.  Even assuming all these documents are available for use, do you think the team would be motivated to do their due diligence and scour the company intranet or SharePoint site to utilize these documents to their fullest extent? It’s possible, but in reality, highly unlikely.

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A diagram showing the inputs and outputs for the Identify Risk Process.

Scenario #1 – Without the Consolidated Forms

Let’s assume the project team wants to consider using some of the inputs listed in the PMBOK Guide to help identify risks.

Scenario #2 – With the Consolidated Forms

Now, if the Project Manager and Project Team is using the Consolidated Forms to track all their documents, forms, registers, and management plans, all they simply have to do is open up 1 single Excel file that contains all the major Project Management forms, files, management plans, and registers – including all the inputs and outputs listed in the Identify Risk Process.

The team would then select the links to whatever documents they need to reference. They can easily switch between documents from the directory and provide updates to the risk register with newly identified risks.


By utilizing the key links and the easy to understand organizational structure of the Consolidated Forms, the team is empowered and incentivized to look at, reference, and update Project Management documents like never before. That’s where the beauty of the Consolidated Forms comes into play. The convenience and ease of use, not to mention the vast number of available templates (all aligned with the standards and best practices of the PMBOK Guide), turns Project Management best practice theory into reality.

Project manager looking at AR screen wit

The Process Guide

Features and Functions

The Process Guide is an easy to use, comprehensive Project Management knowledge repository, all in a single Microsoft Excel file. The aim of the Process Guide is to be able to have a robust source of Project Management knowledge right at your fingertips, that can be accessed by anyone, anytime, all in one convenient location.

Here are some of the following ways in which you can use the Process Guide:


The Process Guide can be used while on the job to guide and direct you and your team as you go through your project’s life cycle.


You can utilize the Process Guide to assist you and your team in developing Project Management Plans, Registers, and forms.


You can also use the Process Guide as a study companion as you prepare to take the PMP or CAPM exams.


Use it as a personal reference or share it with your project team members for those who want to learn more about Project Management best practices.

The Process Guide Worksheets



Lists the names of the worksheets within the Process Guide as well as a short description of each. Selecting the sheet name will take you right to the sheet.

Process Flow

A Project Management Methodology. Lists all the processes and activities in a project's life cycle and provides links to the process's section in the Process Overview and Definitions sheets

Process Overview

Lists the definition of the process and lists the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs for that process. The Process Overview is a high-level view of the process and ITTOs. It also provides links to the ITTO Database and Definitions sheets that automatically filter to the process's section

ITTO Database

A detailed description of all the Project Management inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs. The main source of knowledge on the ITTOs.


A customizable Project Management knowledge library organized by Process Group, Knowledge Area, and section


The list of the processes organized by process group and knowledge area for quick reference


A worksheet to assist the user in memorizing important Project Management terms

Key Processes and Outputs

A worksheet to assist the user in memorizing Project Management Processes and Outputs

PM Tools and Resources

A collection of Project Management tools with links to resources

Business Man

The Process Flow

The Process flow is a fully customizable Project Management Methodology.

A Project Management methodology provides a blueprint for how tasks and projects are planned, managed, and executed, from start to finish. It tells you the what, when, and how of Project Management. So whether you're an experienced Project Manager or just starting in the field, you'll be completing Projects faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Process Flow.png

Process Overview

The Process Overview lists the definition of the process and lists the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs for that process. This allows you to get a high level view of the "ingredients" behind project tasks before starting them

Process Overview.png

ITTO Database

The ITTO Database sheet:

1. Gives you the complete description of the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs (ITTOs). Aligned with the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition.

2. Use the ITTO Database to ensure that all the information that encompasses a process is at your disposal.

ITTO Database.png

Definitions - Project Management Knowledge Repository

The Definitions sheet is a robust Project Management knowledge repository organized by Process Group, Knowledge Area and Section / Process.

The current version has over 700 Project Management terms and definition with the ability to add or edit to grow your Project Management knowledge library


Process Sheet

The Process Sheet is a quick reference tool to view processes organized by Process Group and Knowledge Area

Process Sheet.png

Memorization Tool

The memorization tool is a useful and simple tool to quickly memorize important Project Management concepts that can help you understand how processes flow for the PMP exam, prepare for a job interview, or serve as a mental exercise to fire up your brain.

Memorization Sheet.PNG

Memorize Key Processes and Outputs

The Key Processes and Outputs sheet is a tool to memorize just the key definition and key outputs of the process. Knowing the main points for each process can help you prepare for the PMP exam

Key Processes and Outputs.png

The PM Tools and Resources Sheet

The PM tools and resources are a great place to keep track of useful Project Management resources. Resources have already been added by default. You have the freedom to add/remove and customize to fit your needs.

PM Tools and Resources.png
Project manager updating tasks and miles

The PM Pro Kit Advantage

Be able to complete projects faster and more efficiently by utilizing the PM Pro Kit ​Process Flow methodology

Steer your projects in the right direction and keep them on track

Gives you a roadmap for completing projects successfully

Manage your projects in a structured, repeatable fashion

Intiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor and Control, and Close your projects

Have complete control and organization over your project documents and tools

Helps deliver your projects on time and within budget

Feel confident and rest assured that you are following standardized Project Management processes and procedures on your projects so that your team gets optimum results

Full customization and tailoring options to fit the needs, size, and complexity of your projects

Gain access to a full comprehensive Project Management knowledge library that grows as you go

Create robust Project Management Plans, Registers, and Documents

Access to over 50 Professional Project Management templates

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