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The process of creating the PM Pro Kit started as I was studying for the PMP exam. At first it started out as just notes in an excel file (which would later become the Definitions Sheet in the Process Guide). Overtime, more and more knowledge was added to this file until the realization came that it could be a useful tool to help others. I not only wanted the PM Pro Kit to be used as a study companion, but more importantly it needed to first and foremost be able to be used on the job by real project managers running real projects.  The vision came to full when looking at the interconnectedness of the processes in the PMBOK Guide, and then having looked at all the interrelationships between the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs, it became apparent that these documents needed to be linked, or in PMI terminology, "integrated".

​I researched far and wide for the best templates and consolidated and incorporated them all into one excel spreadsheet. They were than revised and refined to include all the elements necessary to run any type of project - small, medium or large. Project Management knowledge from readings, podcasts, webinars and links to external sources were added to an ever-growing project knowledge repository.  The result was that the Consolidated Forms and the Process Guide were born and will continue to grow as a supremely convenient tool for project managers from any type of organization.



The vision for the PM Pro Kit is that it won't remain static but that it will be continually updated with not only new editions of the PMBOK Guide, but also on a periodic basis with help from the users of the PM Pro Kit and the Project Management community at large. That's why when you purchase the PM Pro Kit, you are also encouraged to access to our community forums where you can collaborate with other professionals seeking to enhance the tool to fit the current needs of projects.  Not only this, but if you purchase the PM Pro Kit, you receive free of charge updates that will be emailed directly to you in a zip file, along with a change log to see exactly what was added or revised.


I hope the PM Pro Kit will serve you well as a key resource to effectively and efficiently managing your projects from start to finish.

Denver Martin, PMP – Consolidator / Creator

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